Precious Metals

Trading of Precious Metals
We have been much more than just a purveyor of precious metals – we have fuelled the expansion and financial growth of the sector worldwide. With the strength of history behind us, our view of the precious metals market is 360°, combining a truly global perspective with local expertise. No other firm in this region can match the scope of our involvement in the world’s gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets.


Gold has been the most highly desired of the world’s precious metals since ancient times, coveted for both its cultural and financial value. Since gold usually maintains its value even in the most turbulent economic circumstances, it is considered a ‘safe haven’ asset. Central Banks hold large amounts of Gold as part of their official reserves, and also buy & sell large amounts of the metal based on their future expectations for the economy.


Silver is one of the rarest metals on earth, and is considered a high-demand commodity by many traders. While silver is less rare than gold its role affects the currency markets significantly and works mostly in tandem with gold market prices. As it is one of the most versatile of metals, it can be used as both an industrial metal and a hard asset, and plays a double role in the commodities market.


Palladium has a wide variety of uses, and thus appears in a number of consumer and business markets. While both Palladium and Platinum enjoy the status of “luxury material”, used in the construction of jewelry, Palladium is favored for computers, cell phones and televisions, along with other industrial uses linked to its ability to store hydrogen.